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Sticky Selling Mastery Course

Sticky Selling Mastery Course

Welcome to the Sticky Selling Mastery Course.


What’s Included? Everything you’re looking for is right here

  • One Sales Related Self-Study Training Module per month - there are 12 modules in total over the course of a year offered to members
  • Two Group Coaching Sessions per month
  • One 15 minute private 1:1 call with Nikki each month
  • One  All Day In-Person Retreat per quarter (participants must be enrolled in the program for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible to attend the retreat) Retreat days will be packed full of content and implementation time. Lunch will be included.
  • Resource Library
  • Preferred Learning Style Assessment
  • Private Facebook Group for on-going support and connection with the community


Pricing Module
Learn how to talk about your prices with confidence.
Unit 1 Introduction to Pricing
Unit 2 What to Charge
Unit 3 When To Give Pricing
Unit 4 Where To List Pricing
Unit 5 Why You Start at The top
Unit 6 How To Use 3 Point Closing Strategy
The Power Of The First Impression
Figure out how to make a powerful first impression everytime you meet someone new.
Unit 7 Judgements
Unit 8 Common Missteps
Unit 9 State Management
Unit 10 Appearance/Facial Expressions/Body Language
Unit 11 Voice Quality
Creating Curiosity
Simple ways to generate interest.
Unit 12 Curiosity Technique
Unit 13 Planting Seeds
Unit 14 Beware of Oversharing
The Key to Closing More Sales
Learn the key and how to use it.
Unit 15 Communication Pie Chart
Unit 16 The “Key” Technique
Unit 17 Ways to Match and Mirror
Unit 18 Pacing and Leading
Successful Networking
Gain skills necassary to make networking worth your time.
Unit 19 Have A Plan
Unit 20 Work The Room
Unit 21 Making Introductions
Unit 22 Be Turned On & Tuned In
Unit 23 Take Action
Unit 24 Follow Through
Authentic Phone Conversations
Increase your confidence when making cold calls.
Unit 25 Building a Bridge
Unit 26 3 Ways to Warm up Your Calls
Unit 27 Introductions
Unit 28 Name Dropping
Unit 29 Like Minded Clients
Unit 30 Next Steps
Safety First
An environment For Candid Conversations
Unit 31 Why Is Safety Important?
Unit 32 3 Ways To Create Safety- 1. Pre-Frame
Unit 33 3 Ways To Create Safety- 2. Be Specific
Unit 34 3 Ways To Create Safety- 3. Active Listening
Unit 35 Leave them Satisfied
The Client Criteria
What Matters Most
Unit 36 Questions
Unit 37 Softening Phrases
Unit 38 Criteria
Unit 39 Backtracking
The Close
Asking for the Sale
Unit 40 Buying Signals
Unit 41 Invitation Language
Unit 42 Closing Process
Unit 43 Overcoming Objections
Unit 44 When To Be Quiet & Wait
Getting a Response
Effective Email Techniques
Unit 45 Perspective
Unit 46 Rephrase “If” Questions
Unit 47 The Power Of 3
Unit 48 Be Specific
Unit 49 Subject Lines
Unit 50 Scannable
Getting Past The "No"
How to proceed after you hear "no."
Unit 51 Reasons People Say “No”
Unit 52 Resourceful State Of Mind
Unit 53 Releasing Attachment
Unit 54 Relationship
Unit 55 Referrals
Unit 56 Future Business
Converting Consultations Into Paying Clients
Learn how to convert your consulationa/ strategy sessions.
Unit 57 Invitation
Unit 58 Pre-Framing
Unit 59 All Roads
Unit 60 Making An Offer
Unit 61 Circle Back
Unit 62 Ending A Conversation Gracefully