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About Nikki

Sales Maven founder and best selling author, Nikki Rausch, is an award-winning sales executive with 23+ years of sales experience selling to orginazations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Fooundation, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlet Packard, Seattle Public Schools, & NASA.  By combining her sales experience with her master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Nikki teaches simple, yet powerful techniques anyone can use. Entreprenuers hire Nikki to learn how to sell in an authentic way without being pushy so they can build relationships and close more deals.

Sticky Selling Mastery Course

Sticky Selling Mastery Course

Welcome to the Sticky Selling Mastery Course.


What’s Included? Everything you’re looking for is right here

  • One Sales Related Self-Study Training Module per month - there are 12 modules in total over the course of a year offered to members
  • Two Group Coaching Sessions per month
  • One 15 minute private 1:1 call with Nikki each month
  • One  All Day In-Person Retreat per quarter (participants must be enrolled in the program for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible to attend the retreat) Retreat days will be packed full of content and implementation time. Lunch will be included.
  • Resource Library
  • Preferred Learning Style Assessment
  • Private Facebook Group for on-going support and connection with the community

Sticky Selling Mastery - Self Guided

Sticky Selling Mastery - Self Guided

$97 per month

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This program is just right for you if you are a master of self-guided learning, but not yet a master of sales!

  • One Sales Related Self-Study Training Module per month. Content is bite-sized and released throughout the month.
  • Explore how you best learn via my Preferred Learning Style Assessment. It takes just a few moments to complete and will give you a clearer picture of how you best learn, allowing you to get the most out of your Academy membership.
  • A private Facebook forum. This is perfect place for ongoing support, inspiration, and connection with me and other like-minded business professionals.
  • Immediate access to the resource center. This is where you’ll find additional video tips and written articles from me designed to spark forward momentum. New content is added regularly to keep you engaged and informed.

This system is going to take you from fear to clear, without requiring you to learn scripts, be disingenuous, or completely change how you show up with your clients.

The intent of the program is for it to be the perfect solution to your sales “problems.” In the Academy you’ll be shown how to:

  • Build long-lasting client relationships
  • Stop worrying people see you as pushy - because you won’t be
  • Start having more influence in all of your conversations
  • Build value around your products/services
  • Stop chasing clients who are never going to buy from you
  • Start creating a better return on your investment (ROI)
  • Build your confidence
  • Stop feeling stuck
  • Start selling easily, effectively, and authentically
  • Build a successful business